What is a Noty?

Noty is a social reminder platform with your friends and family. You can take a short video or voice to remind your friends or wake you up every morning.

noty aims to provide a reminder platform of smart, efficient & fun!

Why should I create a noty account?

When you login via Facebook account, you're creating your personnel channel and joining a community of multi-media contents who can follow you, like your channel, and reply your posts. You can find and follow your friends, or get inspired by influencers and top creators who use noty. Plus, your noty channel lets you save all of your contents, even if you change phones or use multiple devices.

What can I do on Noty?

Besides easily creating short videos from your favorite music and images, you can explore top noty videos; send a reminder to your friends & family; discover interesting people from around the world; get followers, likes and comments; and share your posts out to most other social networks and messaging services. You'll see the world through the eyes of people like you and people completely different from you.

What can't I do on Noty?

  1. Please don't use Noty to post nudity, graphic violence, or spam. The Noty community does not allow harassment, threats, or bullying.
  2. Please keep yourself safe by not posting sensitive personally identifying information like personal phone numbers or home addresses. For the safety of all Noty, we'll remove these things if we see them!

What happens if I use the Report Inappropriate button to flag a Noty, comment, or user

"Report" is how you tell us that something on the Noty community should be removed because it contains nudity, violence, spam, bullying/harassment, or another serious problem. We will review reports and remove content that violates our Terms of Service.

Privacy Policy

If you prefer to hide your content except from followers, just select "private" before you publish your content. You also can change from private/ public to public/ private at any time. For more details, please refer to our privacy policy.

Can I add any song from my music library?

We support most audio file types but you will not be permitted to include any Digital Rights Management protected files to your video. Musical content that was not an original creation by you is protectable under copyright laws. It is against the law to copy music without purchasing or obtaining the rights to that music. Make sure you have the permission to use that musical content in any video you create with Noty.

Will Noty own my Noty video or have rights to use it?

  1. All rights to your video and images remain with you. If you choose to share your contents on our platform, you give us permission to display and play the video on the Web and in the Noty app.
  2. Sharing your Noty in a way that creates a Web link also grants us permission to display and play your video. However, you may retract this permission at any time by sending us an email and we will remove it from Noty channel.

How can you use Noty without network?

Without network or data roaming circumstances, you can still use the alarm sounds which are provided by Noty as your alarm. If you want to send your reminder/ alarm to your friend(s) or family, please make sure you have internet access.